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The Fondation Motrice

To fulfill the hopes of people with Cerebral Palsy and their family, three associations have created La Fondation Motrice.

Its objective : to give a strong and ambitious impulse to research regarding the most frequent type of motor impairment for children, by gradually filling the gaps in this field.
The Foundation was registered as a “government-approved and endorsed public foundation” (fondation reconnue d’utilité publique), in July 2006.


To make CP into a visible and motivating pathology

To be heard and be interesting, one must be known and understood !
La Fondation Motrice implements actions to inform and increase the awareness of the general public and medical professionals about this pathology and about those suffering from it. It wishes to encourage young doctors to enter this field, and then to help them gather the necessary means (both financial and human) to achieve success.


La Fondation Motrice plays an essential role ; which is recognized and supervised by the French State

The quality and relevance of the Fondation’s project have been validated by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

The French Government’s endowment (500,000 euros added to the founders’ initial endowment) acknowledges the serious and useful contribution of La Fondation Motrice.
As members of La Fondation Motrice’s Board of Administration, representatives of the French Ministry of State, for Health and Solidarity, and of Higher Education and Research, control the activity and management of funds.


Internal Structure

La Fondation Motrice is managed by its Chairperson in charge of its organisation, communication, fund raising, and coordination of the foundation’s research grant proposals.