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La Fondation Paralysie Cérébrale/La Fondation Motrice decided this year to dedicate a massive and unprecedented support for research on Cerebral Palsy by launching a call for a great joint project in 2018. 

This call for proposals will evaluate projects with a total budget between € 500 K to € 1.5 million maximum over a period of 3 to 5 years. These may include large scale projects in the field of clinical research, translational research, public health or social sciences assessing intervention(s) aiming at 

o Improving the impairments, the activities and the participation of concerned people, preventing, reducing or mitigating the mid and long term consequences of CP

o Preventing the occurrence of CP in at-risk populations


This call for research proposals addresses any certified research team situated in the European countries. Projects will be based on a consortium whose coordinator will be a leader working in France.

We thank you in advance for letting your research teams, and any potentially interested research team, know about this call for projects, so as to allow the development of new projects in this field of investigation.

Documents related to this call can be downlaoded below 

Cadre général de l’appel d’offre (french)

General framework of the call (english)

Project synopsis (english)

Application form (English)

Project synopses have to be sent before 2017, November 30th at the latest and application files before 2018, January 15th.


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